Youth question new primate on spirituality, generation gap

Published June 1, 2004

Anglican Journal canvassed General Synod youth delegates about their questions for the new primate, Archbishop Andrew Hutchison. The questions, put to Archbishop Hutchison by the Journal, are below with his responses. DAVE THOMAS, youth member of the Armed Forces Q: Would you support a synod for the Armed Forces?

A: I would encourage a synod of the Anglican diocese of the Armed Forces. It’s been a project of mine to try to establish a full-time bishop. If that happens, we would need a synod. RACHEL TAYLOR, diocese of the Anglican Parishes of Central Interior (former Cariboo) Q: What are your views on the same-sex blessing issue?

A: I can’t take on board same-sex marriage, probably for cultural reasons rather than theological or biblical ones. But when two people are drawn to each other and commit for life, blessing them should not be a problem. CATHERINE ROBERTS, diocese of Moosonee Q: What do you think the role of youth should be in the church?

A: To be who they are – young, challenging, enthusiastic in their journey of discovery. To be involved in their local church – sign on for a youth tour, give a chunk of their time. To not be intimidated. To have the courage to speak your mind. AMY TURNER, diocese of Algoma Q: What have you been learning spiritually recently?

A: I have been learning perhaps more than ever in my life the power of prayer in the life of the church and recognizing the Spirit both in my own life and the life of the church. I say that because of the General Synod and the very difficult issues it has been facing and the remarkable way in which we’ve been able to manage those issues in response to prayer. JAMIE MORRELL, diocese of Fredericton Q: What will the Anglican church look like in 10 years?

A: It’s very hard to say what anything will look like in 10 years and for that matter even five years because change is at a remarkable rate. But the church will still be here and the church will be younger than it is now. The church will be more open to the world and less preoccupied with its own internal concerns. Q: What can be done to bridge the gap between youth and adults and to encourage inter-generational worship?

A: It’s very important that young people and adults work together in planning worship and in presiding in it. Very important that the older generation be open to the wisdom of the youth and in this synod, we’ve heard the view of the Spirit speaking loud and clear through our youth delegates. As much as anything, with the help of the clergy, adults need to learn to open their minds and their hearts to young people, their concerns, and their wisdom.


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