Would Jesus walk or take a bus?

Published June 1, 2006

“What would Jesus drive if he embarked on his travels in 21st century Britain?” More than one in four (29 per cent) British churchgoers said Jesus would walk. But, if he chose to drive, his chosen vehicle, according to 17 per cent of those polled, would be a camper van. What would Jesus drive? – a take on the motto “What would Jesus do?” – was a question posed to 4,000 church leaders and members by Congregational and General Insurance ahead of the recent National Christian Resources Exhibition. Why the camper van? “It has enough seats to give people a lift, and space for meals-on-wheels,” said one respondent. The next popular choice was the Arotech all-electric bus. “It’s eco-friendly. There would be room for the disciples, converts, enquirers and Christian publications,” said a respondent. CRE noted that Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has changed his vehicle to an environmentally-friendly Honda Civic hybrid.


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