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Published May 1, 1998

Itinerant Teds

Church of Ireland youngsters are being invited to get themselves little teddy bears, to be named Anglican Ted, and arrange for them to visit as many dioceses and countries in the Anglican Communion between May 1 and October 30 as they can. Each Anglican Ted must keep a log book of journeys made and places visited, which should include photographs of the little bear at cathedrals and parish notice boards. They should also collect orders of service from churches attended. Prizes will be awarded to youngsters whose Anglican Ted travels the most miles, visits the most countries, sees the most dioceses and returns to Ireland with the most interesting account of his travels and the countries and dioceses experienced.

The Church of Ireland Gazette

Armenian leader dies

The spiritual leader of Turkey’s dwindling Armenian Apostolic Church, Patriarch Karekin II, died March 10 at a hospital in Istanbul at the age of 71. The 83rd patriarch of the church, Karekin led an estimated 50,000 Turkish Armenians, survivors of 2.5 million before 1915, when Ottoman Turks launched attacks on the community.

The Christian Century

Priests’ union: pay up

British parish priests represented by a trade union should receive the same stipend as residentiary canons, their union says. The controversial clergy section of the Manufacturing, Science and Finance Union called at its annual general meeting for a pay increase of more than $8,000 for its members. “The level of stipend paid to clergy … is, we believe, a source of considerable worry and stress to many clergy and their families,” the union said.

The Church of England Newspaper

Aboriginals to get vote

The Anglican Church in Australia has agreed, after an emotional debate on the issue, to include Aboriginal and Islander Anglicans in its General Synod. The change, which allocates voting seats to bishops, clergy and lay delegates from Aboriginal and Islander communities, was made despite warnings at its Adelaide meeting that it sets a “dangerous” precedent.


Irish president assailed over `sham’ eucharist

Receiving Holy Communion in Dublin’s Anglican Cathedral caused a stir for the President of the Irish Republic, a practising Roman Catholic, and for the United States ambassador to Ireland, a member of a prominent American Catholic family. The Roman Irish Bishop’s Conference denounced `sham eucharists’ in the Anglican Church.

The Anglican Digest

Rwanda’s death toll continues grisly rise

Genocide in Rwanda is to be commemorated in London on its fourth anniversary amid fears of a return to the violence of 1994, says an article in Church Times. Ceremonies will include a classical concert, Rwandan dancing, an address by the country’s ambassador to Britain and testimony from a survivor. Meanwhile, three Christian Aid workers are among eight people killed at a resettlement site as the death toll continues to rise.

Church Times

Indigenous peoples need forum – WCC

The World Council of Churches has called on the United Nations to create a permanent forum for indigenous peoples. A UN sub-commission has already recommended establishment of such a forum, but a member of the WCC’s Indigenous People’s program told the UN Commission on Human Rights, meeting in Geneva, that words should be turned into action.

Church Times

Bishop-bashing starts as conference nears

The planned attendance at the Lambeth Conference this summer by 11 women bishops – two of them Canadian – is already stirring negative repercussions. At least two bishops – Bishop Keith Benzies and Bishop Donald Smith, both of Madagascar – have announced that they will not attend the conference, and 50 others are proposing to boycott some elements. The conference meets for three weeks in July and August at the campus of the University of Kent in Canterbury.

Church Times


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