Who let the dogs out?

A helping paw Trevoy with his constant companion.
A helping paw Trevoy with his constant companion.
Published November 1, 2010

The dog days of summer [Sept. 2010, p. 4] I read about the distress caused by the dog at the communion rail in the Toronto church.

Since 2003, I have served as a volunteer clerk in the office of the Calgary Cathedral Church of the Redeemer. I have a partial disability and my constant companion is a 95-pound (44 kilo) Labrador service dog with a handle harness. Without him by my side, I would not be able to walk safely.

I not only help work the church office, but I have attended services, weddings, funerals, diocesan services and a synod, always with my registered canine. He stands at the communion rail with me at every service and has often received the St. Francis blessing.

On office days, he meets with visitors, including priests, the alderman, the bishop and people who live on the street. He greets all with a wag of his tail and an extended paw.

The courtesy, interest and affection extended to my dog has always been an inspiration. I sincerely hope that other “Dog Days” experiences in the faith will be just as positive.

Verne W. Trevoy
Calgary, Alta.


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