Whatever happened to Lent?

Published May 1, 2006

Dear editor,
When I was in high school in Holland, the coming of Lent affected many Christians. Festivities were curtailed; wedding parties were postponed until after Lent, even the movie houses closed on Good Friday. Pastry stores went through a meagre season, and the Dutch Roman Catholic Radio Corporation gave a special “Passion Service” every Tuesday night, with some of the great speakers attracting many listeners, both Catholic and non-Catholic. In all churches, special Lenten hymns were sung and all the personalities of the passion of Christ were brought out in the sermons. All churches were well attending during Lent. On Good Friday we did abstain from eating meat. At Easter, there was a triumphant air as many faithful filled the churches.

Today I look in a few Anglican churches and there is little attention paid to the most serious period in the life of our churches. Not even a “passion hymn”! Quietly, I think of my young years and the impressive meditations on figures of the passion period.

What happened to Lent?

Karl Smits
Belleville, Ont.


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