U.S. church works with Canadians on relief in Cuba

Published February 1, 2008

The Episcopal Church in the United States is working through the partnerships department of the Anglican Church of Canada to help the Episcopal Church in Cuba respond to the needs of families affected by the severe flooding in eastern Cuba.

Weeks of pouring rain, combined with the effects of tropical storm Noel last October and November resulted in an estimated $500 million worth of damage, according to Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD), the international relief and development agency of the Episcopal Church. More than 50,000 people had to be evacuated and about 21,000 homes were damaged; over 8,000 miles of road were also destroyed. The floods also destroyed tens of thousands of crops.

“Our support will provide supplies to 78 families to repair the damage to their homes, ensuring that 468 people can return home,” ERD said in a press statement. Areas severely affected by the floods were Las Tunas, Holguin, Granma, Santiago de Cuba, and Guantanamo.


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