Two-tier church ‘anathema’

Published August 30, 2006

Archbishop Andrew Hutchison, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, said he welcomes the concept of an Anglican covenant “as a process” that would indicate the church is “entering a serious and protracted conversation as to who we are as a church and the mission we share.”

In an interview after General Convention, Archbishop Hutch-ison noted that the Canadian church has reached a covenant with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada that “affirms what we share in mission and ministry;” he said that type of covenant “would be welcomed by Canadians.” However, if an Anglican covenant “is intended to define sharp boundaries and exclude people who don’t think in a certain way, then that would be devilish.”

Concerning Archbishop Rowan Williams’ concept of “constituent” and “associated” churches, Archbishop Hutch-ison said the idea of “a two-tier church is anathema, but that it may be a pragmatic way of moving into the future and I’m prepared to consider that possibility.”


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