Toronto gets kit to promote safety

Published November 1, 2001

The diocese of Toronto is sending out a health and safety kit to all church wardens to help prevent accidents in churches and parish halls.

Rev. Dawn Davis, director of human resources, says the diocese’s first priority is to provide a safe workplace for employees, volunteers and people who come to the churches for help.

Ms. Davis said that church wardens need to ensure that churches comply with the province of Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Inspectors from the Ministry of Labour are now checking churches after a worker was seriously injured at an Anglican church earlier this year, when he fell from a ladder.

The safety kit contains the written requirement of the act, emergency phone numbers, a poster, and addresses for first aid kits and where to get proper training.

Requirements include creation of a separate bulletin board dedicated to health and safety news and resources, a copy of the act, first aid kits, and staff training in first aid.


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