Theology school names primate to ecumenical post

Published January 1, 2004

The Toronto School of Theology (TST) has appointed Archbishop Michael Peers, outgoing primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, as its first Ecumenist-in-Residence.

Archbishop Peers, who retires next month, begins the one-year, honorary TST appointment July 1. A press release from the school’s director, Christopher Lind, said the position will enable Archbishop Peers to participate in the scholarly, social and worship life of the school’s member colleges, provide support and guidance to the faculty and students, and speak on behalf of TST in churches and other public settings. He will also serve as a guest lecturer on the history and practice of contemporary ecumenism and will serve as a resource to those wishing to consult about aspects of ecumenism.

Established in 1970, the TST is a federation of seven member colleges and four affiliate schools. It has eight participating denominations (Anglican, Baptist, Christian Reformed, Evangelical Lutheran, Mennonite, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, United) making it one of the most diverse theological co-operatives in the world.

The General Synod, the Anglican church’s governing body, will elect a new primate at its meeting in St. Catharine’s, Ont., on May 31.


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