Support message withdrawn

Published September 1, 2000

The United Church of Canada’s withdrawal of a motion of support for the Anglican Church will not affect the relationship of the two churches, says Archdeacon Jim Boyles, the Anglican Church’s general secretary.

“The Anglican and United churches have close working relationships in many fields,” Archdeacon Boyles said. “We will continue working together, supporting each other.”

Archdeacon Boyles made a presentation on the Anglican Church’s situation during the United Church’s national convention in Toronto in August. The outgoing moderator of the United Church, Rev. Bill Phipps, proposed a message of support be sent to the Anglican Church.

But a number of Native ministers and others objected to the idea, with one, according to a report in the National Post, saying the Anglican Church destroyed her family.

The motion was withdrawn. “My presentation was well received by the council and a sense of support was there,” Archdeacon Boyles said. “I understand the concern of aboriginal people. Our intention is to stand in solidarity with them.”


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