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Published November 1, 2006

The synod of the ecclesiastical province of Canada has passed a memorial to General Synod affirming the “important contribution” of the Anglican Journal and diocesan papers “to the life and unity of the Anglican Church of Canada.”

The expression of support came in the wake of reports that the $1.1 million deficit incurred by General Synod in 2005 might translate into significant cuts for the Journal, the church’s national newspaper. (A committee analyzing the work of the national church recently recommended that the Journal’s annual grant be frozen at its current level of $585,000 for a year.)

“We recognize and endorse the character of the Anglican Journal as defined in its charter as a newspaper with editorial independence,” the motion also said. “Noting that these publications provide an essential service in connecting Anglicans on the local, provincial and national levels and beyond, we are concerned about their future viability.”

Earlier, the dioceses of Montreal and British Columbia also passed motions of support for the Journal and the diocesan newspapers and recommended sustained funding for the newspapers.


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