Singing The Song of Welcome

Published December 1, 2009

Rev. Laura McCue: “You can’t work on the South Shore if you don’t know a little Hank Snow.”

The Rev. Laura McCue, originally from Grand Falls, N.B., plays eight instruments. And she has just acquired a banjo, to add to her guitar, organ, piano, piano accordion, diatonic accordion, harmonica, mandolin and tin flute. McCue also writes songs of praise and devotion, including “The Song of Welcome,” which is now sung at baptisms in her parish. It ends with the stirring verse:

Precious one, blessed one,
Your whole life has just begun.
Made of love by God above,
Welcome, welcome, gift of Love.

McCue says her music “opens doors” for ministry and helps people open their hearts to God in prayer. She has held workshops showing people how music can help them pray-even the lyrics from Beatles’ songs, such as “Help!” McCue herself draws comfort and strength from the ancient hymn, “Be Thou My Vision,” and says she could pray those words for the rest of her life.


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