Secular media starting to see religion not as a threat

Published November 1, 2004

Dear editor,

Over the last year, I have noticed a change in the tone and slight volume increase in the coverage of religion in the major media. My most frequent examples would be the Globe and Mail and CBC Radio since these are the media that I follow.

The Globe’s commentary pages have included stories on religion and the content has not been political nor harped on worldly analysis but has actually witnessed the effect religion has on a personal level — the faith in this case was Islam.

I told my own minister, “There are niches in the media’s armour, they are starting to see religion is not a threat nor to be sidelined. True religion is faith and faith is a personal support.” I pray that the “worldly” reporters might encounter Christianity as the gentle support.

In the meantime, I think the time is ripe for a change of attitude in the major media. I ask that you encourage your readers to write letters to the editors or writers for the major papers that gently attest to the peace of the Christian faith and the call to work diligently and gently for our neighbours. No diatribes about dogma though.

Wendy Beard



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