Scribes’ shrine set up

Published February 1, 2001


Canon David Meara, of St. Bride’s Church in London is creating an Internet shrine to journalists killed, maimed, or imprisoned throughout Europe.

The church, known as the “journalists’ cathedral,” created an altar to troubled journalists at the time U.K. television reporter John McCarthy and AP correspondent Terry Anderson were kidnapped in Lebanon in the 1980s. Since then the names of journalists killed while doing their job have been added to the shrine.

Exactly 500 years after Dutchman Wynkyn de Worde set up his Caxton printing press alongside the now ancient churchyard, Mr. Meara is expanding the ministry to commemorate those punished for simply doing their job, he said.

Mr. Meara is also forming a forum for bishops to meet journalists where they can talk ”off the record” to better understand each other’s agenda.



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