Rufus Project will help keep cathedral dry

Published June 1, 2004

Winnipeg’s cathedral parish of St. John, also known as the birthplace of the Anglican church in western Canada, has launched a fundraising project to replace the roof on its 78-year-old building. “We plan to install a roof that will withstand the winds and weathers for another 40 to 50 years,” the parish said on its Web site. The new roof will cost about $150,000; the parish hopes to raise an additional $50,000 for necessary repairs and improvements over the next few years.Rev. John West, who came to the Red River as a missionary and chaplain to the Hudson’s Bay Co., founded the parish of St. John’s Cathedral in 1820. The present cathedral was erected in 1926; its last roof was installed in the 1950s.The parish has set a goal of $40,000 in contributions from parishioners, and has allocated $20,000 from its building fund. It hopes that the balance will come from grants, gifts and proceeds from a series of gala events. The fundraising effort has been dubbed the Rufus Project, after the man who helped Jesus carry his cross. Those wishing to contribute may contact the Rufus Project, c/o Parish of St. John, 135 Anderson Avenue, Winnipeg MB, R2W 5M9 or by phone, (204) 586-8385.


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