Recommendations of the Windsor Report

Published November 1, 2004
  • The adoption of a common Anglican Covenant “which would make explicit and forceful the loyalty and bonds of affection which govern the relationships between the churches of the Communion.”
  • A Council of Advice for the Archbishop of Canterbury to assist him in “crucial decisions.”
  • Moratoria on public blessing rites for homosexual couples and on the election of any bishop who is living in a same-gender union. “Invites” American and Canadian bishops to “express regret” that the “bonds of affection” were breached by such actions. Such bishops should consider withdrawing from “representative functions” in the Anglican Communion pending such expressions of regret.
  • The Episcopal Church in the United States is invited to express regret that the “bonds of affection” were breached after the election and consecration of openly-gay New Hampshire bishop Gene Robinson.
  • Expressions of regret from bishops who have intervened in parishes and dioceses that disagree with actions concerning homosexuality. A moratorium on such interventions. Only in situations with an “extreme breach of trust” should there be a “conditional and temporary provision of delegated pastoral oversight” with a mutually-agreed commitment toward reconciliation.
  • Acknowledgement that “the real challenge of the gospel is whether we live deeply enough in the love of Christ and care sufficiently for our joint work to bring that love to the world.”


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