Readers tell us… ‘What the Anglican Journal means to me’

Published May 2, 2010

We will survive

I am just so excited and feeling so upbeat about our church after reading, from beginning to end, the last two issues of the Anglican Journal. Just fabulous! We have so needed some upbeat stories, and so many of the stories and teachings in the Anglican Journal lately have reassured me that my beloved church will survive.
Thank you for making my day.-
-Patricia Purdy, Grand Forks, B.C.

Keeps me in touch

For almost a year now, Iive had the privilege of reading the Anglican Journal. As an ordained person, Anglican by birth, and thereafter by choice and conviction, it is a joy to be kept abreast with what’s “rolling” in that part of the Anglican Communion. Thank-you for this gift!
-Deacon Cynthia A.M. Dickin
Montevideo, Uruguay

Walking with friends

The Anglican Journal should be called the Anglican Journey. That is what it means to me.

It’s walking with our friends, neighbours and families as they follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ in spreading his word. Through the Journal, we watch as people reach out to others in many walks of life. We learn through their experiences and gain insight into what God expects of us.
-Heather Cutten, Salt Spring Island, B.C.

Appreciate diversity

My memories go back to when the newspaper was the Canadian Churchman. I read it thoroughly, and often looked first at the Letters to the Editor. It is interesting to see what is going on in different parts of the Canadian church, as we are such a diverse country, and here in the far west we often have different views than [those] in the east.
-Patricia Radcliffe
St. Paul’s
Nanaimo, B.C.

Warms my heart

I had become depressed every time I saw my Anglican Journal in the mail. Negativity seemed to abound in the pages. Sometimes I could barely read the hostile letters and comments, all in the name of faith. And then came the April issue. The articles warmed my heart and actually made me feel blessed to have read the Journal. I want to say “Thank you.”
-Diane Cingel, Red Deer, Alta.

Mission accomplished

You achieved your goal [in getting the Journal “unstuck”].The September issue [2009] was a joy to read. It was perhaps the first time in four years I have read the entire edition. Thank you for the professional and fresh content.
-Stephen G. Kerr, PhD
Bradley University
Peoria, Illinois

Support in the pews

Welcome and congratulations on your appointment as the boss Anglican scribe. Your starting gun editorial is impressive and your concerns palpable for many readers. They certainly wish you well as you wrestle with issues
in our Anglican community.

You will find strong, helpful and capable support in the pews.
-Bill Hyde, Georgetown, Ont.

There’s always hope

I was about to discontinue sending even a modest contribution to what has been in my opinion a dull and “preachy” publication. But suddenly, there is hope. Ministers are dancing and Jesus may have smiled. Bravo! Now if our senior clergy can only be weaned away from deciding it is “chic” to be bearded as heavily as 19th century Imams.
-Barbara Whitley, Westmount, Que.


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