Principal secretary steps down

Published February 1, 2004


Rev. Michael Thompson, principal secretary to the primate, has been appointed as incumbent of the parish of St. Jude, Oakville, Ont.

“I’m looking forward to being back in a parish setting,” said Mr. Thompson, who was the incumbent at the Toronto parish of St. Cuthbert before he became principal secretary to Archbishop Michael Peers in August 2001.

Mr. Thompson, who assumes his new post on June 16, said the past three years have been “illuminating; it gave me a chance to see the church from another perspective and it strengthened my sense of how congregations are together and not out there on their own.”

He considers “seeing the church through the eyes of the primate,” his mentor for 25 years, as the highlight of his work. “He’s got a lot of experience and wisdom. When he talks, everything exists in context ? not just in the context of ideas but of people,” said Mr. Thompson of Archbishop Peers.

Mr. Thompson added that he has also learned from the national church staff. “I’ve seen how much people work and how much knowledge and patience they have,” he said.

Mr. Thompson served as national co-ordinator for the Anglican Youth Movement from 1978-1980. He has co-authored an Anglican Book Centre Publishing book, Seeking the Seekers: Serving the Hidden Spiritual Quest, with Paul MacLean.


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