Primate’s Fund loses long-time Africa specialist

Published May 1, 2004

Ten years after the Rwandan genocide, many colleagues believe Rob Shropshire’s name will forever be associated with Rwanda. In the aftermath of the genocide he visited Rwanda and resolved to tell its story every way he could: in public meetings, poetry, and countless essays.

Mr. Shropshire, development team co-ordinator with the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund, left the organization in April to join the Canadian Human Rights Foundation in Montreal as director of programs.

Mr. Shropshire, 49, who began working on a short-term contract for PWRDF’s refugee desk in 1990 and later became one of two Africa/Middle East development co-ordinators, said he sees his new job “a chance to develop recent work I’ve done on rights-based approaches to development, while building on a strong foundation I have gained through PWRDF and related work in relation to global justice and community development.”


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