Priest investigated

Published October 1, 2007

Police and parole officers in British Columbia are looking into the activities of former Anglican priest Ralph Rowe, a convicted pedophile, according to the Surrey Leader newspaper.

Mr. Rowe lived in Surrey, B.C., between 1998 and 2007 and investigators have interviewed Rev. Paul Illical, the priest at St. Michael’s Anglican church, which Mr. Rowe attended for several years.

After his first prison term ended in 1998, the terms of his release included avoiding contact with young people and reporting to parole officers. Members of the St. Michael’s congregation told the Leader that Mr. Rowe was often seen in the company of a Caucasian male who seemed to be in his early to mid-teens.

Last July 6, Mr. Rowe was sentenced in Kenora, Ont., to a three-year prison term on additional sexual assault charges. The cases involved First Nations boys in remote northern Ontario communities where Mr. Rowe was a priest and Boy Scout leader.


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