PMC fighting to survive

Published April 1, 2002

The board of directors of The Practice of Ministry in Canada met in February and March to consider a proposal to breathe new life into the troubled publication.

“One of the issues was that the board members were local pastors and not linked with national offices and national committees,” said Rev. Michael Thompson, who made the proposal in a presentation to the board.

He is suggesting that a newly configured board include members with closer ties to national churches.

Mr. Thompson is a former member of the board and currently principal secretary to Archbishop Michael Peers, the primate of The Anglican Church of Canada.

The board scheduled a planning conference for May 16 and agreed to invite members of the churches involved with the magazine as well as representatives of such educational institutions as the Toronto School of Theology, said Mr. Thompson. The churches represented on the board are Anglican, Baptist, Evangelical Lutheran, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic and United.

The conference will ask 15 or 20 people what they need, want or find useful about the magazine, Mr. Thompson said.

Editor Ann Bemrose, who also attended the board meetings, said the quarterly publication has enough reserve funds to publish for the rest of the year.


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