Palestinian mourned

Published May 1, 2004

The Greek Orthodox community here is mourning the death of George Khoury, a young Palestinian Christian, gunned down by a militant Palestinian group which had mistaken him for a Jewish settler.

His father, Elias Khoury, is a well-known lawyer who had mounted legal challenges on behalf of Palestinians, claiming their land had been expropriated for Jewish settlements.

“The tragedies I have faced do not dilute the justice of the cause I have represented,” Mr. Khoury said after his son’s death. “(But) I don’t think any act of terror or killing of innocents on both sides will bring any results.”

A student of economics and international relations at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, George Khoury was a graduate of the Anglican International School in Jerusalem. He had traveled abroad to take part in interfaith encounters among Jewish, Muslim and Christian students.


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