Ontario welcomes refugees

Published October 1, 2007

Eh Ler Ter Paw and her child Pow Ta Mu La (main photo) and Ner Ta Thu and his child Eh Ku Moo, are Karen refugees from Burma who were co-sponsored by the Kingston, Ont.-based diocese of Ontario.

Two single-parent families, each comprising one adult and one young child, have arrived in Canada as refugees co-sponsored by the Kingston, Ont.-based diocese of Ontario and the First Baptist Church, Kingston.

The refugees made the long journey from a refugee camp on the Thai-Burma border to Canada. They are among hundreds of ethnic Karens [kuh-rens] who have fled the terror and violence of Burma’s military dictatorship and have been living in camps for many years.

The families arrived in Kingston Aug. 22 after two weeks of orientation in Ottawa. The sponsorship, a special arrangement with the federal government, is one of several initiated by the Diocese of Ontario Refugee Support group in recent years. An inter-church support group in the city had been preparing months ahead for their arrival. The government will provide financial assistance for the first four months and the sponsors will need to raise approximately $16,000 for the following eight months.

Those wishing to offer financial help may contact Debra Fieguth at 613-544-4774, ext. 25, or by e-mail: [email protected].


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