One more Bible story, please!

Published November 1, 2009

You can open up a whole new world for your children or grandchildren by turning to almost any story in a well-told, well-illustrated children’s Bible. After all, Bible stories were written down so we would remember them, long after the latest video has been forgotten.Classic Bible stories are rich in history and in morality and form the foundation that children will use for later learning. Stories of David and Daniel and Moses are great stories of courage and perseverance and of listening to God. You will find that young children become deeply engaged with character and plot in any good story. When you’re reading stories to children from the Old Testament, even from a children’s Bible, it’s hard to be politically correct. But be careful about trying to censor stories that come from a different time and place. If a child shows a healthy interest in battle stories, for instance, temper your own concerns about violence and discover what has drawn them into the story. Is it the chariots or strange weapons or unusual costumes or the heroics of battle or the characters themselves? Most of all, be ready for questions and repeated requests for “one more story, please!“- R.B.


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