On sharing the gifts of our time—and ourselves

Photo: Wichai Bopataywe
Published December 1, 2023

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1

Time and season are constants in the sea of change before us. Our shared journey brings us constantly into new experiences and ever-evolving realities that challenge and shape us. As human beings we like and ever gravitate toward that which we might be able to imaginatively or physically anchor to. We invest in home and comforts, we put away for the time of retirement, we might even invest in markets hoping that the right investment will yield the right return … But do we think to invest in time and season?

Time is a gift given to us by God. The 24 hours we call a day is time to do all that we have to, even though most of us say that there are not enough hours in a day! But how do we invest in a day, this gift from the Almighty? Do we love and forgive those around us or those who cross our path in the journey of life? Do we offer service and gifts of our time and ourselves to others through visitation, communication or presence? Do we give back to God in prayer, our personal ministry or quiet time listening to God through the seasons before us? Do we invest in our time wisely, making the best and of the time before us? I often think of the time that I had with family members and close friends now gone. If I only had a few minutes more with them I would thank them for the time they gave me. I wish I’d had more of it, and my prayers of thanksgiving fall short of fully expressing my gratitude for the time I was blessed with them. Time we share with someone is an investment in them, a sharing of the blessing of God.

As the seasons change, we’re reminded that the Almighty is in all seasons shaping and reshaping, constantly growing and renewing Creation. Do we invest in the seasons of our time and seek to change, evolve, grow and be renewed? Or do we withhold, hinder or restrict? I’m constantly reminded to seek the beauty in every day and season, especially in the seasons of my life and of those around me. Every moment is precious and not a second should be wasted. So let’s be more conscious about how we invest our gifts and blessings and use our time wisely. Since time and season belong to God, we should also give back to God through our blessings to others and the world around us.


  • Archbishop Chris Harper

    Archbishop Chris Harper is national Indigenous archbishop of the Anglican Church of Canada.

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