N.S. priest reinstated

Published January 1, 2000

Charles Bull has been reinstated as rector of the parishes of Lockeport-Barrington, effective Dec. 13, 1999.

Mr. Bull spent most of 1999 on paid leave, first awaiting trial on a charge of sexual assault. The allegation was that he had improperly touched a girl’s crotch area outside her clothing.

Mr. Bull was found not guilty of the charge in October but then the Diocese of Nova Scotia and P.E.I. had to evaluate his conduct against its sexual misconduct protocol. An investigative team reviewed the court transcripts and launched its own investigation, concluding Mr. Bull did not represent any kind of ongoing risk with respect to the safety of the church and parishioners, Bishop Fred Hiltz said.

The parish will probably want to consider its existing policies and parish leadership to ensure the maximum safety level for everyone, Bishop Hiltz added, addressing such issues as supervision and chaperoning.


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