Now I’m a believer …

Published February 1, 2006

The iBelieve turns the iPod Shuffle into an expression of faith.

An ironic commentary on today’s consumer society has turned into an expression of faith. Designer Scott Wilson, of Portland, Ore., tooled up a piece of plastic that snaps onto the iPod Shuffle music player (which is shaped like a stick of gum) and turns it into a cross. He called it iBelieve and told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper that it was “a social commentary on the fastest-growing religion on the planet,” in other words, the soaring popularity of Apple Computer’s iPods.

To his surprise, Christians are buying up iBelieves and Mr. Wilson said religious organizations have contacted him, asking if they can put their logo on them. Ten per cent of the $12.95 US purchase price goes to charity, but Mr. Wilson, who works full-time at Nike Corp., said he is not making a profit on his invention and is not sure how long he will keep it going.


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