Note to readers from the editor

Published May 1, 2006

Dear reader,
As editor of the Anglican Journal, it is my duty to know what our readers require of this publication. We want it to be the voice of the Anglican Church here in Canada today and tomorrow. We are always looking for innovative ways to fulfill that mission.

In the next few days, a selected group of readers will be receiving a questionnaire in the mail. It will come in standard-sized business envelope with “Readership Survey Enclosed” printed on it. Please open it, and with your most recent copy of the Journal in hand, fill it in. Then return your completed questionnaire as soon as possible.

By completing this simple task, you will not only be serving your own needs in making the Anglican Journal a better read; you will be offering a service to the larger Anglican Church of Canada community.

I think you will find answering the questions about the Anglican Journal interesting and pertinent. You will also have an opportunity to comment on your local diocesan newspaper, our publishing partner.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation in this project.

Sincerely yours,

Leanne Larmondin
Anglican Journal


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