No abuse charges laid at Grenville College

Published January 5, 2009

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) announced on Nov. 21 that no charges will be laid in connection with allegations of past abuse at the now-closed Grenville Christian College (GCC), a private school run by Anglican priests in the mid-1970s.

Meanwhile, the diocese of Ontario said that its own inquiry into allegations of psychological and physical abuse involving two of its priests, one of whom served as headmaster for 20 years at GCC, has been delayed as a result of the OPP’s investigation and because its incorporated synod had been named defendant in a class action lawsuit filed by former students in October 2007.

“The completion of the bishop’s inquiry remains delayed because the diocese cannot breach the rules of civil procedure as he (the bishop of the diocese of Ontario, George Bruce) would have direct contact with the various litigants if he resumed the canonical process,” said Archdeacon Wayne Varley, diocesan executive officer, in a message sent to members of the diocese. He explained that the diocese “operates according to the laws of the civil province of Ontario and the Criminal Code of Canada.” But, he said, “our pastoral responsibility continues to be stewards of Christ’s healing, justice and reconciliation within our parishes and the communities we serve in his name.”

Archdeacon Varley said that Bishop Bruce intends to complete the investigation “at the appropriate time.”


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