News Briefs: Ecclesiastical Province of Canada

Published January 1, 1999

Blue Christmas

A Westphal, N.S., church was planning its fourth annual Blue Christmas Service for people dealing with loss.

Rev. Bonnie Baird of St. John’s said the service is for people experiencing any sort of loss, including being separated from family, losing a job or ending a relationship. It consists of Scripture readings and prayers that focus on pain and hope. The idea came from Rev. Val Rhymes who uses a similar service at Emmanuel Church in Spryfield, N.S. Diocesan Times

Diocesan Times

Refugee Christmas

The Hurtado family from Chile was planning a somewhat blue Christmas of their own as they prepared to mark six months since they claimed sanctuary in Christ Church in St. Stephen, N.B.

The Hurtados have been ordered deported. Their lawyer says they will obey if they are guaranteed they won’t be arrested as they leave the church. They say they fled Chile after Marcela’s first husband, a police officer, became jealous of her new husband and beat, threatened and imprisoned him.

New Brunswick Anglican


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