Nature does abhor a vacuum

Published September 1, 2005

Dear Editor,

As a successor and former colleague of mine in the role of editor of this newspaper, you would likely subscribe to the aphorism that one David Harris in the world of Anglican journalism is sufficient. And perhaps it is partly the vacuum so abhorred by nature that I created by leaving this post, eventually to work for the Presbyterians, that has resulted in another David Harris moving in to fill the void.

Two David Harrises you say? Both priests, from the same diocese of Nova Scotia and P.E.I., born in Halifax? It cannot be helped, but it is true. (Although, with all due respect to my double, I was first by almost a decade.)

The Journal’s June 20 Web story, Essentials meeting forms new groups, notes that a certain Rev. David A. Harris of the Essentials Council and the Prayer Book Society is editor of a new publication called Anglican Planet. I write to clarify that that is not my orbit.

Rev. David Harris

Publisher & Editor,

Presbyterian Record



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