Nativity scenes across the nation

Published December 1, 2004

Last year, Anglican Journal asked readers to send in photographs of their créches, representations of the nativity of Jesus Christ. Dozens of pictures arrived in our mailbox, too many to showcase in the regular hard copy of the newspaper. The créches — from tiny to lifesize, from wooden to porcelain to handknit — are below.

The ‘Wise Men’ are represented by Indian chiefs in the créche on the lawn of St. Luke’s church in Creemore, Ont. The créche features typically Canadian characters, including a moose, fox, farmer and a rabbit. The créche, drawn by children and painted by volunteers, made its debut in 2002. (Photo by Dianne Hutchings)
Mr. Michael Dove of our parish, Church of the Epiphany, Ottawa, assembles the créche each year against our submersion baptismal font, which makes a nice connection with the birth of Jesus and our new birth in baptism. (Photo by Gordon Worden)
The créche in the parish of St. Mary the Virgin, Ottawa is housed inside the altar. (Photo by R. Feltcher)
Photo submitted by Hugh Matheson, dean of Keewatin, and Fiona Brownlee, children’s ministry co-ordinator for the diocese of Keewatin.
A créche at St.Thomas church, Stittsville, Ont. (Photos by Warren F. Blackburn).
Family créche, built approx 1970, submitted by Gail Oakman Eastwood, and built by Ms. Eastwood’s father.
This créche in Clarksburg, Ont., submitted by George and Seija Wolf, was constructed for the town’s Christmas Tree Lighting.
The créche at St. Michael’s church, Victoria , is over 50 years old. It was constructed in the 1950’s by the men of the Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen (BAC) and was used for a number of years. ‘For unknown reasons it was retired to the attic storage of the church and was rediscovered in 2002 – my first Christmas here,’ says Rev. Ed Lewis, who submitted the photo. It is constructed from printed colour images mounted on plywood and covered with what seems like varnish.
Parishioner Kathy Haslegrave is pictured sitting by the altar and built-in créche at Saint James’ the Apostle, Manotick, Ont.
Close-up of Mary and Joseph in créche at Saint James’ the Apostle, Manotick, Ont.
Créche at Saint James’ the Apostle, Manotick, Ont.
Glen and Jody Cawker, of the church of St. Paul, Caledonia, acquired this créche in Cabo San Lucas about 20 years ago. The main figures are 8 inches tall. In addition to the Biblical characters, it also has the animals, a cow, ox, and 3 sheep, plus a Mexican farmer and his wife.
St. George’s Church in McAdam, N.B. (contributed by Ana Watts)

Submitted by Aubrey Hemminger Deer Lodge Centre, Winnipeg

This créche, handmade in 1951, was submitted by Mrs. R. W. Richards, Winnipeg.
Submitted by Marilyn Jackson, St. Andrews church, Woodhaven, Winnipeg.
Submitted by Sandra Kirk, St. Stephen’s church, Maple, Ont.
This créche, submitted by Marie Kalyn, St. James church, Smithers B.C., was created by Lisbeth Johnstone in 1976.


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