Mission co-ordinator set to retire to West Coast

Published April 1, 2006

After serving for nine years as regional mission co-ordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Anglican Church of Canada’s partnerships department, Canon Philip Wadham is set to retire at the end of this month.

Mr. Wadham will return to the diocese of British Columbia, where he is canonically resident. “I will go back as a retired priest,” he said. “I’m looking for opportunities to serve in my capacity as a priest. I will also be going back to my training in construction and carpentry.”

Mr. Wadham said the job had enabled him to get to know the Anglican Communion better. “It taught me the importance of people meeting face to face; that even though we may disagree in doctrine, I nevertheless felt a oneness in Christ … It hasn’t been without pain, especially as some parts of the church see themselves as in impaired communion with parts of our church. But substantial conversation continues and from my perspective, the Body of Christ remains unbroken.”

Mr. Wadham served as secretary of the Metropolitan Council of Cuba. “Through my experience as secretary, I have seen the strong bonds of affection between the Episcopal Church of Cuba and the Anglican Church of Canada growing stronger,” Mr. Wadham told the national church’s Web site.

Prior to joining the national office, Mr. Wadham served for three years in Ecuador and three years in Guatemala under the British Volunteer Program.  It was in Guatemala that Mr. Wadham, who hails from the U.K., met his Canadian wife, Fran.


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