Letters to the editor, December 2018

Published December 1, 2018

Letters are subject to editing.

Story of priest’s past struggles with alcoholism appreciated

I am writing in appreciation for the article in the Anglican Journal about the Rev. Matthew Martin’s struggles with alcohol, “Clergy should show their wounds, says priest who opened up about past alcoholism” (Oct. 2018, p. 1). As we priests show our vulnerability, so we will help give others the courage to show theirs. None of us is perfect. Jesus came for the imperfect. He also suffered himself, allowing himself to be vulnerable, so that we may know that he is with us in our vulnerability.

I write as one who struggles with addiction. My father suffered from alcoholism to cover his pain. I take part in Al-Anon meetings, which are of great benefit to me.

Thank you, Matthew Martin, for sharing. Thank you, Anglican Journal, for printing. We clergy are not perfect.

John Serjeantson
Cowansville, Que.

Views of scientists wanted

A section report (“Christianity and Social Order”) of the 1988 Lambeth Conference stated that “Science and Christianity need to see themselves…as allies.” The report went on to commend “principled interpretation of facts”—a wish that must surely resonate with us today.

While we all depend on “science” in many ways, the partnership commended is not, I think, as visible in the Journal as it might be. Could concerned, conscientious scientists write on key issues? Could you have a regular report from this frontier?

(Dr.) Frank Thompson
Parry Sound, Ont.

Reader would not read digital-only Journal

I attend the Church of the Ascension in Hamilton, Ont., and I am a “cradle” Anglican. (I am now 61 years old, and I am NOT computer literate.)

I receive both the Anglican Journal and the Niagara Anglican, and read them thoroughly. I look forward to their arrival in the post. (I even cut out some of the photos and keep them.)

I have already sent in my annual donation for 2018. (I send in annually $110.00.)

If the Anglican Journal and the Niagara Anglican no longer publish in print format but go digital-only, I will no longer be reading them. Also, I will discontinue financial contributions.

I hope that the newspapers continue to arrive in the mail. I also hope that there will continue to be an independent editorial policy. (I don’t think you will continue to be an award-winning paper, without one.)

I would be willing to pay for a subscription.

(Mrs.) Abby Mulvihill
Hamilton, Ont.

Church should stop doing marriages

A solution to the same-sex marriage problem is for the Anglican church to discontinue all marriage services—no more marriages.

David A. Sinclair
Vancouver, B.C


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