Learn, reflect…and act!

Published April 1, 2012

Re: The war on poverty [Feb. 2012, p. 10]During the 1930s, members of the Antigonish Movement helped thousands of Nova Scotians lift themselves out of poverty and dependency. How? They showed them how to organize. Poor in money is poor in power, and until people learn how to come together, handle their tensions effectively and use all the resources available to them, they will always be the objects of charity, relying on the kindness of strangers.The mantra of the Antigonish Movement was “Listen! Study! Discuss! Act!” and there are numerous people in Canada following its dictates. Those running The Working Centre in Kitchener, Ont., for example, are among them. Anyone serious about tackling poverty should search out such places, learn from those running them, reflect-and act!


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