Lambeth Conference runs $2 million deficit

Published October 1, 2008

The Church of England has given the Lambeth Conference an emergency loan of $1.1 million Cdn. to cover part of the estimated $2 million shortfall for its most recent conference.

The Lambeth Conference Company, a corporation set up by the Anglican Consultative Council and Lambeth Palace to manage the conference, met on Aug. 11 with the board of governors of the Church of England church commissioners to address the cash shortfall.

The budget for the Lambeth Conference was $7.3 million, and the Lambeth Spouses’ Conference was $2 million, excluding the costs of travel.

The Church of England Newspaper says the projected deficit could rise to $3.7 million. In contrast, the 1998 conference ended with a budget surplus of more than $1.8 million.


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