Instruments of unity

Published January 1, 2006

The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams and Archbishop Robin Eames, primate of All Ireland, have called the worldwide Mother’s Union (MU) the “fifth instrument of unity” in the Anglican Communion, citing that while there are deep divisions over sexuality within the Communion, the organization has focused its energies on issues that unite rather than divide Anglicans.
“This is a powerful statement and a great commission for those of us in the MU,” said Kathleen Snow of the diocese of Fredericton, who is provincial president of the Canadian MU.
“Our bonds of affection are really bonds of understanding that should be mirrored by the entire Anglican Communion – we all need to talk with each other, rather than at each other.”
Representatives of the MU, including Ms. Snow, met Archbishops Williams and Eames during a three-week trip to the United Kingdom that included attendance at a two-day MU general meeting in Ipswich.


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