In-vitro fertilization

Published December 1, 2003

Kenyan church leaders have warned against scientists trying to “play God” following news that childless couples in the East African country are to be offered in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. The Sunday Standard newspaper in Nairobi reported recently that scientists had succeeded for the first time in Kenya in creating embryos by fertilizing a woman’s ovule in the laboratory with a man’s sperm. Up to now Kenyans seeking IVF have had to travel abroad for treatment. Anglican Bishop Alfred Chipman described the technique as an attempt by scientists to “play God.” Rev. Zablon Thamburi, former presiding bishop of the Methodist Church of Kenya, stressed that his church was not against science, but that church leaders wanted to be sure that the process would not be misused. “I am sure God supports scientific developments, but we oppose the commercialization of the process.” he told ENI. The cost of IVF treatment for people in Kenya has been estimated at $5,000 US.


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