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Published June 1, 2006
  • Approved a resolution directing the financial management and development committee to include in the 2007 General Synod budget “20 per cent of the estimated cost of Council of the North dioceses’ attendance” at General Synod or an estimated $20,000. Bishop Michael Ingham of New Westminster said “unforeseen costs” were making it difficult for poorer dioceses to send delegates to the meeting. (See related story);
  • Approved a motion presented by the finance, management and development committee endorsing the establishment of an endowment fund in support of the Council of the North to be administered by the Anglican Foundation of Canada;
  • Approved a motion urging CoGS members to “communicate to their bishops and diocesan councils the urgency of acquiring financial support” for the Letting Down the Nets initiative, which had been approved by General Synod in 2004. The initiative, to be implemented over a four-year period, needs about $775,000 a year but as of last March, only $437, 680 has been received and about $367,860 has been spent on programs.
  • Elected Susan Winn of the diocese of Montreal as deputy prolocutor, succeeding Peter Irish of the diocese of Fredericton, who resigned.
  • Was informed by Denise Hambidge, representing the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) board, that the fund did so well in its fundraising campaign in 2005 that $350,000 in surplus was allocated to its Partnership for Life campaign, which aims to raise $1 million for HIV-AIDS initiatives. An additional $1 million in bequests was given to the campaign, bringing a total of $2 million for PWRDF-funded programs to combat HIV-AIDS. Before 2005, the campaign raised $600,000.


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