Imus earns his retirement

Published May 11, 2012

Imus, the hardworking seeing eye dog. Photo: Catharine Midgley

On Sunday, May 6th at the Church of the Ascension in Port Perry, Ont., the Reverend John Anderson dedicated part of the service to Imus, the seeing-eye dog of Sir Sean Madsen. After years of dedicated service, Imus is going into retirement.

If there is any compensation for being blind, said Madsen, it is to have such a wonderful animal take care of your seeing needs. Imus also shared his love and companionship freely and unconditionally, said Madsen.

Parishioners were reassured that Imus will be in a wonderful home for his retirement. After the service, a bone-shaped cake was available for Imus.

Imus, you will truly be missed by your Ascension friends. God bless!

Chris LaRocca is the administrative assistant at Church of the Ascension.







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