God’s love bursts into bloom

Published April 1, 2010

“Three loyal women bring spice to anoint their friend-they hear a Glory sing, come see, no corpse to tend! What fearful joy! Their wild sweet cry of hope salutes the sunrise sky.” –

Common Praise (Hymn 38, verse 2). Reprinted with permission. See biography of the artist on p. 2.

Meet the artist: He Qi

He Qi, the artist who created our page 1 illustration, has been committed to modern Chinese Christian Art since 1983. He earned a PhD in religious art after the cultural revolution and was a professor of christian art at Nanjing Theological Seminary before moving to St. Paul, Minnesota, in 2004. He Qi is the recipient of the 20th Ccentury award for achievement in the field of religious art theory and christian art creation by the International Biographical Centre Cambridge, England.


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