Gift ideas for caregivers

Published December 1, 2004

  • book of IOUs for one or more of the following: home-cooked meals, baked goods, respite care, household chores or repairs, yard work, chauffeuring, running errands;
  • answering machine or cordless phone;
  • decorative wall calendar with plenty of space for noting appointments;
  • membership in a caregivers’ organization or non-profit organization associated with her loved one’s disease (for example, the Alzheimer Society or Parkinson Society);
  • home health care products that make caregiving easier and safer — for example, a bath bench;
  • gift certificate for a home health care agency, medical supply store or cleaning service;
  • book of tickets or gift voucher for accessible transportation, so she and her loved one can still go out together if riding in a car is not possible;
  • inspirational book;
  • classic movie or music CD (perhaps a “greatest hits” collection by a favorite artist);
  • relaxation tapes or miniature water fountain;
  • subscription to a caregiving periodical, a denominational publication, or a magazine that reflects a favorite pastime (such as gardening or woodworking);
  • gift certificate to a restaurant with takeout and delivery service, a dry cleaner with pickup service, or a pharmacy or grocery store that delivers;
  • tickets to a cultural or sporting event, along with an IOU for respite care.


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