Fundraising dinner will support primate’s Web casts

Published December 1, 2005

During the house of bishops’ meeting, Archbishop Andrew Hutchison, the primate, inaugurated a fundraising dinner that will support his Internet broadcasts, the primate’s discretionary fund, an Anglican youth network and a conference on urban ministry.About 380 guests attended the $250-per-plate dinner on Oct. 25. The net amount raised was not available at press time.Guests viewed an amusing video that speculated on whether Archbishop Hutchison had been cloned, since he travels extensively and seems to be in more than one place at a time. More seriously, CBC Radio personality Judy Maddren sat down with Archbishop Hutchison for an on-stage interview during which he said he wants to make a difference in native communities and that he hopes that the church can find a way to accommodate differences. After the dinner, Archbishop Hutchison, in an interview, said he is considering holding the event annually and possibly in other cities.


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