Forum aims to equip youth leaders

Published September 4, 2007

Generation 2008, a five-day national forum “to renew, equip and empower” Canadian-Anglicans who are engaged in ministry with youth, will be accepting registrations in October for the event scheduled June 10-15, 2008 in London, Ont.

One of the highlights of Generation 2008 will be the option to choose a stream of learning, or customize your conference experience with a variety of workshops – depending on your interest, experience and needs,” said the event organizers. Workshops range from the theology and practice of youth ministry to soul tending.

Three representatives from each diocese will be financially sponsored to make the event more accessible to a wide variety of participants from across Canada. Dioceses may also choose to assist more participants, and anyone can register directly for the forum

For more information, visit, a Web site for young Canadian-Anglicans.


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