Federation of schools reviews mission after director’s early departure

Published October 1, 2006


The Toronto School of Theology (TST) has announced the resignation of Christopher Lind as director.

“Dr. Lind and the Board (of Trustees) have agreed that a fundamental review of the mission and governance of the school is needed and that new leadership would be required to accomplish this goal,” the TST said in a statement issued June 20.

Mr. Lind opted to leave after serving three of his five-year contract, said Canon David Neelands, a member of the TST board of trustees who is serving as interim director.

Mr. Lind was not available for comment.

Mr. Neelands denied speculation that Mr. Lind left because of clashing visions with the board on how best to run the TST. “I’ve heard some rumors but I know of no clashing visions,” Mr. Neelands said in an interview. “There are differences of opinions as in any federation. But there are no irreconcilable visions … It’s (TST) an amazing enterprise and includes groups that normally don’t get together. We have the most diverse consortium.”

TST is a federation of seven theological schools affiliated with the University of Toronto and accredited by the association of theological schools. It includes Emmanuel College (United Church), Knox College (Presbyterian Church), Regis College (Roman Catholic, Jesuit), St. Augustine’s Seminary (Roman Catholic, diocesan), St. Michael’s College Faculty of Theology, Trinity College Faculty of Divinity (Anglican Church), Wycliffe College (Anglican Church).

Mr. Neelands, who is also the dean of divinity at Trinity College, said the TST now has a new leadership team and is in the midst of organizing its priorities.

Meanwhile, Dorothy McDoug-all ended her five-year term as TST’s doctor of ministry director.

“My contract was due and now they’re thinking of revamping the position and having a faculty person do that position part-time,” she said in an interview, adding that she declined an offer to extend her contract because “it was time to move on.”


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