Featured letter to the editor: Bring grace and power to a hurting world

Published November 1, 2008

Dear editor,
Just over 100 years ago, in a small Inuit camp, there was a faint noise never heard before. One by one the people came out of their small skin tents to investigate. They searched to see what this strange noise was and for a few minutes they couldn’t see anything. Suddenly one of the members pointed to the horizon and shouted: “There!”

As they watched, unable to comprehend the figure, they realized it was not a bird because it became bigger and louder. The elder suddenly shouted with great acclamation … “Oh! The Second Coming of Jesus Christ has happened!” The whole camp rejoiced at the event of the ages. To the newly and recently converted, the shape of the strange airplane resembled the Christian cross and the untrained eye saw Christ arrive with great glory and great power.

As God-fearing Christians, we have gone through great changes in the last century and many have come and gone, proclaiming they have the message of good news and that they have the answer for all people.

We have watched how secular society has gained rights and privileges, some of which seem to go against Christian teachings. We are told to be open-minded and that progress demands that all be enabled to do as they wish. As the teachings of the Bible are being challenged at every turn and corner, we Christians seem to have forgotten that our Father in heaven has given us the grace and power to show the hurting world that we are a new creation and every single day we are being renewed in every sense.
Bobby Patsauq
Inukjuak, Que.


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