Featured letter: Pastoral care at Olympics

Published May 1, 2009

Dear editor,
IN RESPONSE to the excellent article, Anglican women unite at the UN to call for equality (March 25, anglicanjournal.ca), Archdeacon Ellen Clark-King stated: “In Vancouver, one of the things that is particularly on our mind is human sexual trafficking because of the Olympics coming up,” she said. “It’s one of the things that is expected when you get a large group of sports fans who tend to be predominantly male. And being a port city as well, we already have trafficking here but the concern is that it will rise exponentially with the Olympics.”

The Anglican Church of Canada and its pastoral team who will be attending the Olympics must prepare itself to have people there who understand this horrid human trafficking industry and who understand how to support these women involved in it.

These vulnerable women have to deal with so many issues that only those with experience in this type of counseling should take on this ministry.
Shara L. Golden
Tracy, N.B.


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