Featured letter: Finally, an explanation of Anglicanisms

Published June 1, 2008

Dear editor,
Re: your May issue. Finally somebody has explained to us the Lambeth Conference and the Southern Cone diocese. As Lutherans in an Anglican parish we are gradually learning the traditions of the church. In the Anglican Journal we have often seen references to the Lambeth Conference. Not knowing its purpose or how often it assembled we usually avoided reading the article. The Southern Cone business is another complex item that is occurring regularly in Anglican publications.

Meanwhile, I know how much is involved in a 70-year career because my father lasted the same length of time as a medical specialist at an Ontario city. Retirement is what killed him; too much idle time. So, I congratulate Archdeacon Thomas Leadbeater (Marking 70 years as a priest) in successfully finding activities to keep him occupied.
William Pender
Fort Macleod, Alta.


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