Featured letter: Churches tend to lean toward traditional music genres

Published April 1, 2008

Editors note: At the conclusion of our February feature article entitled Churches sing a new song unto the Lord, we invited readers to tell us about “unusual” church music, or music that is atypical in the context of the church.

Dear editor,
Let me tell you my favourite story about the traditional Anglican music genre. One of the ladies of the church approached my wife, who is a well-known professional popular singer, to ask if she was coming to the carol concert. My wife replied that unfortunately she was performing on that date. With pride, I added that she would be leading carols in front of an audience of 2,500. “That’s a pity” the lady replied. “We only get about 40 at our carol concert, so we needed you two to add a couple more to the numbers in the nave.”

I think we might need a forum to discuss alternative music traditions in the Anglican church.

Hugh Phillips
Boucherville, Que.


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