Published May 1, 2004

Due to a printing error, some Journal subscribers received a flawed version of our April special on bishops who are eligible to be elected primate. In earlier editions, the photograph of Bishop Bruce Howe (Huron) was dropped and that of Bishop Ralph Spence (Niagara) ran twice.

Bishop Howe holds an honorary doctor of divinity from Huron College and a master of sacred letters and bachelor’s degree from University of King’s College. Incorrect information appeared in his April profile.

Also, Bishop Gordon Light was listed as being eligible for nomination in the primatial election. He was ineligible as his consecration came after the April nomination process.

Archbishop Andrew Hutchison is 65. Bishop Benjamin Arreak is 56.


Michel Schnob, who was mentioned in a story about a national video conference, is from Ottawa and has chosen to abstain from active homosexuality. Incorrect information appeared in the April issue.


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